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Alain Badiou
In a well-known text called The Communist Hypothesis , first published in 2007, the renowned philosopher Alain Badiou...
Andrew Roberts
A controversial account of the Churchill years by a bestselling historian.'The best sort of history - revealing,...
Nancy Mather
Includes online access to new, customizable WJ IV score tables, graphs, and forms for clinicians Woodcock-Johnson IV:...
Antonio Giustozzi
Selected as one of 'Five books that help explain what is happening in Afghanistan' (Financial Times) So-...
Patrick Cockburn
In this urgent and timely book, Patrick Cockburn writes the first draft of the history of the current crisis in the...
Kidane Mengisteab
In the early 1990s, a wave of democratization swept through many African countries, but its prevailing election-centred...
Bettina Hohnen
This book is a must read for anyone parenting, teaching or supporting teens, who wants to empower them to reach their...
Robert H. Donaldson
This text traces the lineage and development of Russian foreign policy with the insight that comes from a historical...
Lynn Schofield Clark
Young People and the Future of News traces the practices that are evolving as young people come to see news...

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