After a six-month retheming and restructuring process, is poised to move into a more dynamic relationship with its audiences and contributors. To that end, it is looking for rock-solid partner writers, regional editors and marketing experts anywhere in the world.

As you may know, we are the only online journal offering true international arts and culture coverage and critique, not to mention our socially conscious travelogue and challenging creative writing. Chiaroscuro holds a special place among artists and curators, despite its hitherto sporadic publishing cycle.

What We Want:

You are our type of person if are a punchy, unapologetically intellectual writer with regional editor ambitions. Your passion for art, culture, design, and independent thought and ideas that do not pander to populism will put you in good stead. Hopefully, you are also interested in assisting students of journalism who sign up for our free online Internship Programme. Above all, you are a believer in constructive critique and are an acute observer of process.

Now the geographical bit: We inhabit the cyber world. You may be based anywhere in the world, so long as you have access to the internet. The idea is to champion the cosmopolitanism we believe in, so you are fine just where you are.

The ideal Marketer partner has a demonstrable knack for developing monetizing devices related to arts and cultural industries and education, including advertising and SEO optimization. You must be very interested in developing Chiaroscuro's Internship Programme further, and drawing benefits from it. You may be an individual or a company with skills and tack that translate into luck.

This is an opportunity to develop your own brief and methodology, while making award-winning contributions to the site. You will not receive a fixed salary, but will earn dividends from the income you help generate as a partner.

This is a formal partnership proposal subject to legally binding agreements. Essentially, it offers all the right partners a stake in's income, commensurate with level of contribution.

Apply by email, stating why you are a suitable candidate, making sure to attach your CV and samples, or evidence, of work in a relevant sector.

Send all proposals to:
Ishmael Annobil, The Editor

You may call Ishmael prior to making your submissions on:
Tel: +44 207 388 4676
Cell: +44 777 389 8649

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