"The Brooklyn Rail has published a very fine review by David Rhodes of the current exhibition of Helmut Federle: Basics on Composition that everyone should see before it closes at the end of next week. This is the fifth solo exhibition at Peter Blum Gallery, so for those who love painting this is a precious moment to visit these works..." by Jill Silverman van Coenegrachts

Student artist Lily Tonkin Wells examines Danh Vo’s immersive exhibition, ‘Chicxulub’, which leaves the viewer in with an ambiguous impact, a sensation reflective of the show’s title. Named after a crater caused by an asteroid impact believed to have caused global mass extinction and climate disruption, viewers are immersed in a space which speaks to equally curious global forces; money and religion. It is meant to evoke a Garden of Eden long after the coming of knowledge, and a nostalgia for Creation...

Lily Tonkin Wells in conversation with artist and potter Peter Bodenham in the run-up to his exhibition ‘Sea Vessel’ at Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Carmarthen from the 25th of August to the 24th of October.

Ishmael Annobil recounts the making of the definitive documentary on the controversial Danish-Scot artist, and complex factors that influenced the journey.

Ishmael Annobil recounts his extraordinary journey of discovery while making the documentary Kenji Yoshida - Artist of the Soul. The near-ethereality of the eponymous Japanese genius, and the acute intellect of his firend and agent Jose Ferez Kuri dominate this poignant homage.

Maud Perez reviews Klara Pokrzywko's unique art, which utilises the body as the motif of the adornment. " Fingerprints, hair, and footprints, etched in silver, become a permanent part of the metal, and as the silver evolves and mutates, the wearer’s own skin alters the natural state of the silver. " 

Dan Zimmerman reassesses the status and nature of art in the modern, global economic milieu: "The economic system assigns monetary value to instruments that through general consensus, are considered to be of  ‘worth.’ The art market, similarly, is a system that revolves around inanimate objects given a degree of legitimacy, often by the monetary price an art object assumes by its transactions within the economic sphere." 

Alex Maccioni re-assesses the remarkable legacy of Augusto Boal, establishing him ... and thought provoking models of theatre: "It would be false to suggest that Boal's theatre is purely anarchic, despite the fact that his methods instill the need for the audience to escape our usual, accepted structures of viewing. In fact Boal's techniques could be used in the mainstream world of interactive television. "

Our intrepid intern, Lynne Nolan, returns with this sobering elucidation of a 'debilitating' but somewhat hidden affliction of our times, suffused with scientific data and telling anecdotes of sufferers: "Sufferers distort the comments and flattery of friends and family, as they believe they are lying to them to ease their upset." (Written in 2005)

Ishmael Annobil dissects the inimitable photography of Clare Willmey; her genius for capturing flux; the continual, dynamic transfigurations of mind and body: "She trusts her subject to reveal itself, conscious of the potential for interplay between the subject and its environment. What often emerges is a vigorous tableau of the emotional and physical aspirations that lie below the surface."


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