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1. PREVIEWS: Extensive pre-event items on Fine Art, Fine Craft, Design (including architecture, fashion, furniture, automobile, sport, aircraft and maritime design), Theatre, Books, Music (classical, jazz, folk, pop, new music, etc), Film and Television, Food (restaurants, etc), Festivals (traditional as well as modern, socially conscious ones), etc. SUBMISSION: This section relies mainly on press releases from artists and publicists.

2. CRITIQUE: Original reviews and essays on all of the above areas. Contributors with working knowledge of the form or sector are usually preferred, but very promising new writers (including students) are always encouraged to submit articles. SUBMISSION: Unsolicited copy welcome; 1000 to 2500 words max. NOTE: The editor arranges review copies of books, if needed.

3. TRAVELOGUE: Travel writing of social, artistic and cultural value; also off-the -beaten-track stories recounting unique travel experiences. The Developing World and the quieter parts of the world are favoured. However  we are very interested in new angles on the ‘beaten track’.  SUBMISSION: Unsolicited items welcome; 2000 words max. (Contact the editor if  longer).

4.POETRY & PROSE: This section is dedicated to international creative writing. We prefer stylish, innovative writing, exhibiting unique technique and vision. SUBMISSION: Unsolicited items welcome.

5. PODCASTS: Please take time to study the Podcasts section of the magazine before submitting. SUBMISSION:  We prefer Youtube or Vimeo links, but will accept video files not exceeding 20MB in size. Unsolicited submission welcome. FORMAT: MP4, AVI, MOV, and MPEG formats only.

ILLUSTRATIONS: We like all submitted articles to be accompanied by good quality photography, or drawings, in jpeg format, with appropriate titles, captions and copyright info/credits. However, this should not deter you from submitting articles.

NBChiaroscuro Magazine is a liberal publication dedicated to objective critique and veracity. It is not as a platform for politicking, propaganda, racism, auto-critique and nepotism. The editor reserves the right to reject destructive critique outright. 


(Max file size: 20MB max/Files Types: gif, jpeg, png, pdf, doc, docx, avi, mov, mp3)


COPYRIGHT: Unless expressly arranged, Chiaroscuro Magazine does not normally adopt the copyright of submitted work. However, it assumes first publishing rights on every material submitted, except those submitted by press and Public Relations officers and agents of show organisers.  

PAYMENTS: Chiaroscuro Magazine cannot pay fees for contributions at this stage; but we aim to monetize in due course, and to provide income for all our contributors.

Thank you for your continued faith in this progressive forum.

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