This unique internship is dedicated to students of journalism, the arts, social and physical sciences, and anyone preparing for a career in mainstream or highbrow journalism. The programme covers feature writing, critique, editing, sub-editing, photography, podcasting, and editorial convention, in a cutting-edge setting. It is carried out mainly online, with some exceptions, and it is open to aspiring journalists anywhere in the world. 

PURPOSE: To help interns develop and refine their journalism skills and gain experience for future employment in the media; to offer student interns a credible opportunity to earn valuable credits towards their academic courses; to give interns access to notable people, and cutting-edge arts and culture events and processes. In turn, Chiaroscuro Magazine benefits by having new writing for its audiences, while gaining a wider perspective on arts and culture, internationally. 

ELIGIBILITY: You may be a sixth former, undergraduate, or graduate student, or a worker hoping to pivot into journalism. You must have a strong command of English, and have access to a computer or word processing equipment, the Internet, and an email account, WhatsApp or Skype, if possible.

HOW TO APPLY: Student applicants are usually referred by a tutor, but direct enquiries are welcome. However, all student applications must be endorsed by a relevant tutor or faculty administrator. All Non‐student candidates should apply directly to the programme with samples of work (see form). 


• This Internship programme is free of charge to all interns 
• We do not pay stipends, or cover out-of-pocket expenses, except those approved by the editor 
• Interns must not use Chiaroscuro Magazine as a platform for auto‐critique or nepotism, destructive critique, trolling, sexism, racism, sensationalism or political propaganda
• Unless expressly arranged, Chiaroscuro Magazine does not adopt the copyright of interns’ work. However, it assumes first publishing rights on every material submitted during the internship, except press material from external publicists.


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