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Tapiwa Matsinde
Finally a book on African design that celebrates the contemporary! It is packed with works that show how the continent’...
Margaret Olin
Using both photographs and written narratives, The Bitter Landscapes of Palestine provides a depiction of the lives and...
Antony Penrose
Lee Miller: 1927: New York: A classically beautiful young woman, she is discovered by Condé Nast, hits the cover of...
Design Hotels
This influential reference work—revered by architects, designers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and creatives around the...
Charles Mozley
A facsimile of this remarkable book which was designed to be an artist's tribute to a great man who himself...
Salena Baca
Personalize your home with handmade crochet!Crocheting items for the home provides a wonderful opportunity to display...
James Opie
This is the first full-colour history of the world-famous toy soldiers to chart the whole story of their development...
Bahia Shehab
Arab graphic design emerged in the early twentieth century out of a need to influence, and give expression to, the far-...
James Rondeau
Examines both the art-historical framework of Tomma Abts’s painting as well as its deep philosophical and psychological...

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