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The original Stickerbomb was the first and only book dedicated to showcasing the diversity and wealth of sticker art....
James Rondeau
Examines both the art-historical framework of Tomma Abts’s painting as well as its deep philosophical and psychological...
Bahia Shehab
Arab graphic design emerged in the early twentieth century out of a need to influence, and give expression to, the far-...
Brogan Allard
Embrace your feminine style with a collection of 15 dresses and tops to make at home.Using simple shapes and in Brogan’...
Frank Hamer
The Potter’s Dictionary of Materials and Techniques provides a comprehensive guide to the tools, materials and...
Chris Stephens
This is a beautifully produced catalogue accompanying the Holburne Museum’s groundbreaking retrospective of Henry Moore...
George Lucas
Walter Tandy Murch (1907 1967) is best known for his enigmatic, dreamlike still life paintings of everyday objects and...
Tim Townshend
The ways in which urban areas have evolved over the past 100 years have deeply influenced the lives of the communities...
Mary Maddocks
A modern guide to mastering the art of weaving through 17 stylish projects for your home.Weaving, by its nature, is a...

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