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Lucy Kirkwood
'Retired people are like nuclear power stations. They like to live by the sea.'Two ageing nuclear scientists...
Caryl Churchill
Two exhilarating and teasingly entertaining one-act plays from one of the UK’s leading playwrights.Heart’s Desire sees...
Giorgio Agamben
A formidable and influential work, Language and Death sheds a highly original light on issues central to Continental...
Stef Smith
'Do you want to live forever?YES or NO.'Polly and Owen have nailed it. Successful in their careers and wildly...
William Shakespeare
The everyman Signet Shakespeare series continues with the first volume of Comedies containing The Comedy of Errors, The...
Clare A Simmons
A survey of the rituals of the year in Victorian England, showing the influence of the Middle Ages.What does a maypole...
Peter Boxall
The widespread use of electronic communication at the dawn of the twenty-first century has created a global context for...
Douglas Charles Kane
Douglas C. Kane reveals a tapestry woven by Christopher Tolkien from different portions of his father’s work that is...
Martha Gellhorn
Martha Gellhorn's peacetime dispatches bear witness to six decades of change: America in the Great Depression, the...

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