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Mary O'Malley
The poems of The Shark Nursery respond to a disturbed world. The experience of lockdown, of lives lived in an online...
Bryony Lavery
Dracula and Frankenstein: Two Horror Plays brings together two classic horror tales updated for the 21st century and...
Margaret Busby
Showcasing the work of more than 200 women writers of African descent, this major international collection celebrates...
Homero Aridjis
"Eyes To See Otherwise" is the first extensive selection of poems by leading Mexican poet Homero Aridjis to...
Rebecca Beasley
Modernist poetry heralded a radical new aesthetic of experimentation, pioneering new verse forms and subjects, and...
Michaela Coel
From the brilliant mind of the creator and star of I May Destroy You and Chewing Gum comes a passionate declaration...
Philip Ridley
“The hallmarks of a Ridley classic; a fast-paced modern fairy-tale that burrows into the dark wormholes of the...
In Book II of the "Aeneid", Aeneas relates to Dido his own account of Troy's destruction and his escape...
Emily Van Duyne
Sylvia Plath is an object of enduring cultural fascination—the troubled patron saint of confessional poetry, a writer...

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