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Ifi Amadiume
In 1987, more than a decade before the dawn of queer theory, Ifi Amadiume wrote Male Daughters, Female Husbands, to...
Bernard Chervet
This important book argues that après-coup, a concept that has blossomed in French psychoanalytic discourse, not only...
Philip Jowett
The Norwegian campaign, fought in 1940, early in the Second World War in Europe, is overshadowed by the campaign in...
W.Y. Carman
The Royal Regiment of Artillery originated in 1716, when two companies of artillery were formed to ensure that a...
Philip Haythornthwaite
Napoleon's Imperial Guard was one of the most famous military formations in history. The Imperial Guard could...
Martin Slattery
The New Sociology of Ageing explores the challenges and opportunities of ageing as a global force. Alongside...
Prof. John Scott
This book introduces the non-specialist reader to the principal ideas, nature and purpose of social network analysis....
Steven Jaron
This book provides a clear and accessible overview of the seminal clinical thinking of Christopher Bollas. Placing...
Eliyahu M Goldratt
This fast-paced business novel does for project management what The Goal and It's Not Luck have done for...

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