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Paul Finkelman
The three most important Supreme Court Justices before the Civil War-Chief Justices John Marshall and Roger B. Taney...
Rolf Potts
Object Lessons is a series of short, beautifully designed books about the hidden lives of ordinary things. For as...
Bren Neale
Brimming with life maps, life history calendars, and extracts from transcripts and diaries, this book illustrates by...
Graham Davey
Clinical Psychology, Third Edition offers an introduction to clinical psychology as it is operating on the ground -...
Shoshana Fershtman
The Mystical Exodus in Jungian Perspective explores the soul loss that results from personal, collective, and...
Claudia Kalb
Was Andy Warhol a hoarder? Did Einstein have autism? Was Frank Lloyd Wright a narcissist? In this surprising, inventive...
David Boarder Giles
In A Mass Conspiracy to Feed People, David Boarder Giles explores the ways in which capitalism simultaneously...
Colin S. Gray
Strategy is not a modern invention. It is an essential and enduring feature of human history that is here to stay. In...
Donal MacCarron
The Irish Defence Forces were born of the bloody aftermath of the 1921 treaty establishing the Irish Free State, and...

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