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Cian T. McMahon
A vivid, new portrait of Irish migration through the letters and diaries of those who fled their homeland during the...
Will Curvis
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Brain Injury discusses how acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) can be...
David Armstrong
Since the end of the Cold War, international organisations have assumed a greater importance on the world stage. The...
Greg Light
'This book provides teachers in higher education with what they need - a compelling framework for improving...
(Mixed media product)
Ann Weidmann
The revision series for Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1)from Pearson. This book will help you to:...
Adam Phillips
This book contains two brilliant essays by one of the foremost thinkers in the field of psychoanalysis. In the first...
James Rodgers
In Reporting Conflict, a correspondent turned lecturer draws on his personal experience of journalism in wartime. The...
David Byrne
Cities are changing at a rate unparalleled since the industrial revolution and more than half the population of the...
John Preston
A dramatic, gripping account of the rise and fall of the notorious business tycoon Robert Maxwell from the acclaimed...

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