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Sanjay Sharma
Key Clinical Topics in Cardiology presents a brand new addition to the Key Clinical Topics series. The book provides a...
William C. Summers
When plague broke out in Manchuria in 1910 as a result of transmission from marmots to humans, it struck a region...
JC Jaeger
Widely regarded as the most authoritative and comprehensive book in its field, the fourth edition of Fundamentals of...
Matthew Coombs
A Service and Repair Manual covering four-stroke single and twin cylinder carburettor-engined motorcycles of 125cc...
Galen of Pergamum (129-?199/216), physician to the court of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, was a philosopher, scientist,...
Allan D. Pierce
This corrected version of the landmark 1981 textbook introduces the physical principles and theoretical basis of...
Jane Lyttleton
The second edition of this popular text systematically addresses all aspects of treatment of infertility using Chinese...
Geoff Critchley
This book covers all the basics of managing successful hives, from buying in bee stocks and equipment, to record...
Stefan Silbernagl
The seventh edition of this classic atlas makes mastering large amounts of complex information much easier. It provides...

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