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Sidney I. Resnick
Stochastic processes are necessary ingredients for building models of a wide variety of phenomena exhibiting time...
Renee Linklater
In Decolonizing Trauma Work, Renee Linklater explores healing and wellness in Indigenous communities on Turtle Island....
Christian Rätsch
In the traditions of every culture, plants have been highly valued for their nourishing, healing, and transformative...
Michael M. Woolfson
Mathematics is the essential language of science. It enables us to describe abstract physical concepts, and to apply...
Ian S Hornsey
Someone once said that 'wine is a mixture of chemistry, biology and psychology'. It has certainly fascinated...
David J. Barron
Featuring a combination of easily digestible sections, clinical images, and a text layout that assists rapid fact...
Anne Waugh
Designed for readers who are new to human anatomy and physiology, the latest edition of this popular volume - brought...
Allan Vaitses
"This book will save you money and grief before you can say woven roving."--Sailing"A comprehensive and...
Hugh Percy Wilkins
This rarely-seen map of the Moon originates from a 300-inch hand-drawn map produced by the engineer and amateur...

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