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John Harle
This seminal work by master saxophonist John Harle offers players of all levels the most in-depth approach to playing...
Sam George
Become a Competent Music Producer in 365 Days is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to the fundamentals of music-...
Thomas Forrest Kelly
A behind-the-scenes look at the premieres of five extraordinary operasWhat was it like at the opening night of Mozart’s...
Rahib Mroué
Act of violence or show of strength? In a world of spectacular suffering and power plays – large and small – what is...
Paul Sills
This work has inspired the work of countless actors, directors, and writers in theatre, television and film. Spolin...
Lynn Abbott
Blues Book of the Year —Living BluesWith this volume, Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff complete their groundbreaking trilogy...
Joseph McBride
The director and cowriter of some of the world's most iconic films—including Double Indemnity, Sunset Blvd., Some...
Robbie Sims
Who gives the hammiest performance in a Bond film? What is the series’ most cringeworthy moment? What quips would Sir...
Dr Chloe Germaine
This is the first volume to apply insights from the material turn in philosophy to the study of play and games. At a...

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