Poetry & Prose : COZ I SEE IT EVERYDAY

Anita Keymatlian


In a world where dreams apparently come true
A world where living is easy to get through
I still see desires and dreams left uncovered
Unanswered prayers and an easy life yet to be discovered
Why is it peoples’ dreams are often simply neglected
With peoples ambitions often just rejected
Surrounded me exists characters of every form
But around me I only see the ones that were born
With ability and power, strong minds of their own
Individuals who have talent, but are still unknown
These people I know deserve what they wish
What they all aspire to be why should they miss
Their dreams not yet fulfilled, their voices unheard
But their prospects, their hopes all seem to suggest one word
Success, what they be worthy of, what should be theirs
But instead they are trapped in, made to feel like no one cares
Trapped in a circle, where the boundaries are set
Set by people who no one has ever even met
Stopped from achieving what they truly deserve
To accomplish what they want without their dreams being preserved
These people have the potential to become someone
But it's so hard when the limits just can't be overcome

The reason I write so passionately about it all
The reason I'm telling you about this particular fall
Its coz I see it everyday, everyday in front of me
I see it in their eyes and I see what they should be
We all deserve a chance to live out our dreams
But unfortunately in life the difficulties just seem
Too much for some to even want to try
But if you believe it’s too hard then you’re living a lie
No one can stop you from becoming what should
And anyone who tries does so coz they never could
To have your prayers answered, and to have your voices heard
Believe in yourself, and believe in my word.



In this life there is no getting away
From the reality, the struggle for which we must pay
The hardest part is to know what to desire for
But I already know what I want and more
Grateful I am and forever will be
For this ability which life has given to me
I will live in appreciation of my music, my rhymes
My way out of pain and my unhappiest times
My love began from a very young age
My love has helped me to release my rage
Enabling me to express my feelings
And from it I've found my life's real meaning
Helped me to overcome my anxiety, my fears
Stopped my grief and so many tears
It's what has kept me going, what’s got me through
This profound love I have is what makes me feel true
When I open my eyes, just before I sleep
It's all I think about, that's how I know it's deep
If these dreams were ever taken away
If in this circle I had to stay
I would be devastated and lost inside
But from this reality I cannot hide
That I fear my dreams may never come true
But my aspirations and belief are what will get me through
Why can't I just show the world
That this gift I have been given will not go cold
The meaning that this talent I have has got to me
It's so important that not even I can see
The difference between reality and dreams 
Coz somehow to me the same it all seems
I know these dreams I have to go and get
Otherwise get ready for a life filled with regret.



Wish I had the strength to make it all disappear
The struggle, the misery, my troubles and fears
Wake up one morning and smile at the day
Dream of tomorrow, be content in every way

The only dreams I have are that of an end
Where my life is cut short and to heaven I'm sent
This dream I have is my way to be free
Free from this body for eternity

I don't take things for granted, or live in regret
But all that has happened I just can't forget
I can't change the past and the future looks the same
Coz I'm going nowhere and there's no one to blame

There once was a time when I had so much faith
Believed it would work out, it was then I felt safe
But now I stand alone, realizing this is it
When you hit rock bottom, alone you will sit

With my mind in turmoil, my feelings in despair
Disheartened and lost acting like I don’t care
I once was strong; I was once content
Why have I forgotten what this all meant

The dreams I once had, they are all a part of me
Why did I forget, why did I let this be
My beliefs and passion why did I let them go
Lost myself so bad, till I had nothing to show

The past is the past and the future is mine
It’s all up to me why have I wasted so much time
As I pick myself up and take a long look around
I want to shout out loud as my feet touch the ground

As I release it, all the pain, the anger and fear
With every positive thought, I release a content tear
Free of history, self-hate and depression
No longer controlled by wounding obsession

I look in the mirror, she smiles at me, I’m free.



You sit in all day, no job, no dream
And career prospects scare you, coz you've got no means
What rubbish that is, you just can't be asked
And coz of this reason you won’t commit to a task
You think its ok for me to go and work
While you sit on your arse, or on the streets you lurk
You think its ok to steal from another
Come from behind, hidden behind cover
You think its ok to pull out a knife
Just because you're broke and you’ve had a hard life
When will you see you're not the only one
And it gives you no reason to kill with that gun
You know about loss, pain and strife
Yet you still try to take, messing up people’s lives
You think its ok to steal from the poor
For people like you there really is no cure
Do u think I wouldn't rather just do what you do
Coz there is nothing in this world that makes me better than you
But I know about pain, loss and despair
I've seen it all, so believe me I care
There were times in my life where I've been so low
With no money, no luck simply no glow
But I picked myself up coz I had no fucking choice
So please do the same before you completely lose your voice.

ANITA KEYMATLIAN is a music producer, filmmaker and poet. She can be befriended at www.myspace.com/anitakeyz

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