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Till  24/1/2015

Tim Van Laere Gallery is presents Great Hits the first exhibition with Anton Henning at the gallery. Born in Berlin in 1964, Anton Henning's artistic career since the mid-eighties has taken him to Berlin, London and New York, has been based in the countryside above Berlin for over 20 years now. He lives and works there with unabated zest on a work which due to its sheer opulence, complexity and playfulness cannot be classified amongst the common -isms of art criticism. 

The self-educated Anton Henning paints, photographs, films, sculpts, draws, makes music, designs and builds whole rooms. He virtually challenges the risk of provoking misunderstandings and polarising them without directly addressing the political side. In the figurative sense he is dismantling the entire history of art up to the present day, in order to completely reconstruct it. A kind of artistic synthesis.

In his first exhibition at the Tim van Laere Gallery, which is also his first individual exhibition in Belgium since his much acclaimed exhibition at SMAK in 2007, Anton Henning tries to define the highly subjective oscillating approach, between distinct conceptualism and pure intuition, in an exhibition with an impressively broad spectrum. Anton Henning's art combines long-time prejudged antipodes with the same naturalness, it knows how to seduce contemporary excellent gastronomy with the present day. Anton Henning is a master of good and bad taste, ruthless (self) irony, humorous ambiguity and virtually loving precision and this is in all lightness and virtuosity.

Anton Henning is one of a number of German artists to receive considerable international recognition. His creation, published in numerous publications is a challenge and inspiration for a whole generation of young painters. 

Anton Henning's works are represented in numerous international public and private collections, a.o. Centre National des Arts (Paris), Magasin III (Stockholm), Gemeentemuseum (The Hague), MOCA (Los Angeles), The Menil Collection (Houston), De Pont (Tilburg), and National Museum of Art (Osaka), Arp Museum (Rolandseck, Remagen), Daros Collection (Zurich), Essl Museum (Klosterneuburg), Los Angeles County Museum of Art | LACMA (Los Angeles), Museum für Moderne Kunst (Frankfurt am Main), Portland Art Museum (Portland), Städel Museum (Frankfurt am Main), UCLA Armand Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), and Valencia Art Contemporaneo (Valencia)

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Image Credits: Anton Henning, Portrait No. 306, 2010

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