Directed by Johnny McKnight
Performed by Joanna Tope
Written by Douglas Maxwell
Produced by Julie Brown
Designed by Lisa Sangster
Composed by Karen MacIver
Lighting by Dave Shea
AV Design by Tim Reid

Date: Wed 3 - Sat 6 February 7.30pm

Random Accomplice, in association with Tron Theatre, will present the Word Premiere of 'Promises Promises', the tense new thriller written by award-winning Scottish playwright Douglas Maxwell this February. Inspired by true events, 'Promises Promises' is a gripping one-woman show revolving around the cynical character of Maggie Brodie.

Maggie (played by Joanna Tope) is a retired teacher who has been dragged back to her local primary school for a reluctant day of supply teaching. Her craving for alcohol is strong and her opinion of her colleagues is rock bottom, so it's going to be a tough day. Then there's Rosie, a six year old Somalian girl who refuses to speak. Her community leaders believe she is possessed and are on their way to start her 'treatment'. But Maggie, surprised by her connection to this girl, knows they are wrong. So wrong, that she is going to have to take drastic action...

Maxwell's brilliantly written and performed show combines a specially composed soundtrack by Karen MacIver and stunning integrated projections by Tim Reid. The production is directed by Johnny McKnight and produced by Julie Brown, the creative partnership that is Random Accomplice ('Little Johnny's Big Gay Musical', 'Something Wicked', 'Seven Year Itch').

The Tron Theatre has a long association with Douglas Maxwell having produced the world premiere of his play 'Our Bad Magnet' in 2000 and has hosted many of his subsequent plays including 'Melody' and 'Mancub'. The Tron will also host a world premiere of his new play 'The Miracle Man' in March for the National Theatre of Scotland.  'Promises Promises' also sees the return of Random Accomplice to the Tron, last seen in September with 'Little Johnny's Big Gay Musical' and in October 2006 with 'Something Wicked'.

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Glasgow, G1 5HB

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Joanna Tope as Maggie Brodie

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