Ishmael Annobil's review of the Dark Lady: Cycle of Mysteries (work in progress), an ultra cutting-edge theatre exposition by director Kathlin Gray and the Theatre of All Possibilities: "There is that sense of incredulity associated with watching Theatre Of All Possibilities make one of their phenomenal quakes across the artistic strata. Then there’s the dawning – that steady unfolding of raw nature norm. The Dark lady was the epitome of that process."

Lana Mullen visits Antony Gormley's Blind Light at the Hayward, to unravel the Gormley phenomenon: "Rather than struggling to find the hand of someone nearby, or to see something other than shades of haze, why not stop for a moment and absorb the ‘clarity’? Ask yourself ‘where am I?’ If you respond inside, you’re wrong. If you reply outside, you’re wrong yet again. As impossible as it sounds, you have stepped inside a box in order to be transported ‘outside' ".

Ishmael Annobil is prompted by a Channel4 re-screening of Spike Lee's Jungle Fever to look again and dissect the polemical and sociological issues and processes it explores. "This unique tapestry outshines all others of the idiom, overcoming the contrived use of Steve Wonder track (should have been Jazz). The cinematography hits the virtuoso mark. This is balanced filmmaking. Apotheosis, almost."


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