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Paradise on the ground floor, purgatory in the middle and hell at the top: In The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory Revisited by Contemporary African Artists, the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main serves as a stage for Dante's Divine Comedy on 4,500 square metres of exhibition space. The epos from the 14th century forms the foundation for the exhibition conceived by curator Simon Njami and realized in collaboration with the MMK. The presentation will travel subsequently to further venues worldwide.

This May, Independent Curators International (ICI), in collaboration with Zoma Contemporary Art Center (ZCAC), produces the Curatorial Intensive in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This one-week professional development program offers curators the opportunity to explore art production and international connections currently developing in Ethiopia, while discussing among colleagues, the concepts, logistics, and challenges of organising exhibitions globally.

FOLLY: Art after Architecture brings together Irish and international contemporary artists whose work has been inspired by iconic modernist architecture. Many of the artists are concerned with ideas of representation and interpretation, as well as the history and space of the specific modernist structures they explore. From Eileen Gray's seminal E1027 to Mies Van der Rohe's restored Farnsworth House, Paul Rudolph's demolished residences to Walter Gropius's imagined Chicago Tribune Tower, the buildings referenced in FOLLY have had a mixed collection of fates.

With the exhibition project Sacré 101—An Exhibition Based on The Rite of Spring, the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst traces the interplay between dance and the visual arts in a sustained engagement with Igor Stravinsky's ballet Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring). The work features revolutionary music and choreography, and its premiere in Paris one hundred and one years ago is regarded as one of modernism's great breakthrough moments.

Richard Artschwager! features over 135 works spanning six decades, including sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs, and prints. Often associated with Pop, Minimalism, and Conceptual art, his work never fit neatly into any of these categories. His artistic practice consistently explored questions regarding his own visual and physical engagement with the world; his objects straddle the line between illusion and reality.

The Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery presents the first exhibition to examine the video and performance work of Montreal artist Olivia Boudreau. Since 2004, Olivia Boudreau has combined video and performance in works that exist through duration and repetition. Her practice, focusing mainly on the body (her own until 2009) carrying out everyday actions or maintaining a pose (on all fours, sitting in an armchair) in a register of excess, puts to the test not only the body but also visitor experience and his or her faculty of perception.

The New Museum presents the first US museum exhibition devoted to the works of Paweł Althamer and Laure Prouvost. The exhibition will include a new presentation of Althamer's work Draftsmen's Congress. Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvost will present For Forgetting (2014), a new, immersive multichannel video installation for the Lobby Gallery.

The Kölnischer Kunstverein presents F.E.S.T.A., Pietro Roccasalva's first solo exhibition in a German public institution. The show comprises both older and recent works by Roccasalva and provides a cross section of the different areas in which the artist works. In Roccasalva's work painting is the constant centre of an ever-expanding constellation of different media. His work encompasses disparate elements such as sculpture, video, neon lighting and tableaux vivant, which always find their point of departure and their conclusion in painting.

The Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College, presents Qalam, Calligraphy and Islam from the Middle Ages to the Present, an exhibition of historical and contemporary Arabic and Persian calligraphy and related material that offers an immersive glance into one of the most poetic and spiritual art forms.

The exhibition is the first presentation in Poland of the works of the Norwegian photographer Rune Eraker and also the first exhibition of socially engaged photography at MOCAK. It consists of 73 black-and-white photographs from the series "The Smell of Longing" and two screenings that contain some photographs from the series never shown before.


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