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Fetiches críticos: Residuos de la economía general [Critical fetishes. Residues of general economy] is the first instalment in a series of projects by El Espectro Rojo, a Mexico City-based collective comprising Mariana Botey, Helena Chávez Mac Gregor and Cuauhtémoc Medina which explores the intersection between artistic and theoretical practices from a political, post-colonial and poetic perspective.

Ffotogallery, the national development agency for photography and lens-based media in Wales, presents Life Less Ordinary; a major exhibition held at two sites, featuring timely work by a selection of the most exciting artists working and living in South Africa today. Life Less Ordinary brings together photography, performance, video and installation work by a young generation of South African artists wishing to break away from epic narratives of race and instead play with, celebrate, stage and transcend more complex notions of difference and identity.

All of the films in the exhibition keep their distance from the formal apotheosis of filmic language (they are anty-filmic or even pickled in a jar), revealing filmic traps, holes and wounds, with a special interest in the material and performative potential of destruction and reconstruction. At the end of the story is the oldest and funniest film in the exhibition from 1963: Mel Brooks' and Ernest Pintoff's Oscar-winning animation The Critic constituting the unique marriage of a spectacular formal victory and its total failure.

One of Britain's leading painters and Glastonbury festival’s artist in residence, Kurt Jackson, is exhibiting paintings of Lily Allen, Radiohead, Massive Attack and other artists who performed recently at Glastonbury in London’s gallery@oxo on the South Bank. The paintings and sketches of artists, bands and scenes from the festival will be auctioned in aid of environmental group Greenpeace. Jackson has been Glastonbury’s artist-in-residence for many years, creating dynamic and exciting work in the unpredictable environment of the festival crowd.

The Vancouver Art Gallery is presenting the first Canadian solo exhibition of paintings by prominent American artist Kerry James Marshall. Drawing on his upbringing during the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Alabama and later in the politically charged atmosphere of South Central Los Angeles, Marshall is celebrated for his insightful work focused on the African-American experience. Co-curated by Vancouver Art Gallery director Kathleen Bartels and artist Jeff Wall, the exhibition, Kerry James Marshall, presents 19 exemplary works created since the early 1990s.

Thermostat – under this title, French centres d’art and German Kunstvereine will be presenting up to 30 joint exhibitions and events between June 2010 and April 2011. The programme is based upon an initiative developed by the association of French centres d’art – d.c.a. (association française de développement des centres d’art) and the French Institute in Germany and is aimed at initiating coproductions and promoting curatorial exchange on an international level. Based on a series of encounters between the curators of each institution, the respective French and German partners have developed joint projects, which will take place in both countries.

In 2006, four Brussels-based artists, active primarily in the expanded fields of film and video, decided to join forces to found the Auguste Orts production platform, named after the obscure historical figure whose memory lives on in the street which houses the foursome's headquarters until this day. Initially intended to answer shared questions concerning issues of production and distribution, the ambitions of Auguste Orts quickly transcended merely practical considerations

As part of a series of contemporary art projects for the Jubilee line, Art on the Underground announces a major new installation by Irish artist John Gerrard. The artist will exhibit a large-scale projection of Oil Stick Work (Angelo Martinez / Richfield, Kansas) 2008 in Canary Wharf Underground station. Projected on a 12m x 8m wall specially constructed inside the iconic ticket hall, Oil Stick Work develops in real time over a 30 year period. At the centre of the work is an industrial grain silo situated in open prairieland. This vista is constructed from collected digital photographs and topographies of an existing American landscape, mapped onto carefully reconstructed 3D forms.

From November 18th to 21st 2010, Paris Photo will bring together 102 exhibitors presenting a panorama of the finest examples of photographic expression from the 19th century to the present day. With participants from 24 countries, the 2010 selection covers an exceptional geographic variety with an increase in the number of American exhibitors, and a stronger presence of contemporary art galleries.

The Liedts-Meesen Foundation is organising its biggest biennial, update, for the third time at the Zebrastraat. This third edition promises to be an intriguing cross-section of the most impressive works from Centre Pompidou's Collection of New Media. Once again we are cooperating with an internationally renowned curator, giving New Media an exciting and contemporary edge. Following in the footsteps of illustrious artist-curators such as Jean-Marie Dallet (Fr) and Peter Weibel (Ger), curator Christine Van Assche endeavours to present a history of sound in the arts with 'body sound'.


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