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The Center for Integrated Media at the California Institute of the Arts announces the release of its new online sound/art collaboration called ‘The Lament Project.’ 'The Lament Project' is part of the 2008 release of, the Center's online journal and project space. Past releases have featured projects by Kaucyila Brooke and Perry Hoberman, essays on media and culture by Norman Klein, Holly Willis, Christiana Yang, Martha Wilson, and Miriam Ghani and interviews with cultural critics and multimedia artists such as Lisa Nakamura, Sara Roberts, Lee Ranaldo and Leah Singer.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Cultural Centre in Paris presents the work of the Portuguese photographer João Paulo Serafim. Consisting of fifty photographs in various formats and two videos, the exhibition forms part of a project previously unseen in its entirety, to which the artist has given the name of the Improbable Museum of the Image and Contemporary Art (MIIAC).

Parasol unit presents a ‘purpose built’ collaborative exhibition by artists Ângela Ferreira and Narelle Jubelin, architect Marcos Corrales, and writer and curator Andrew Renton. While each of these four participants have worked with each other in varying combinations for over fifteen years - building a complex conversation, a shared critical discourse, a richly layered series of historical and cultural references - Front of House is the first meeting place where they have been able to manifest their ideas collectively.

Two Lines Align is an exhibition about the evolution of graphic design in the context of massive changes in our visual culture. As guest curator Michael Worthington notes in the catalogue essay, the exhibition explores “the shifts in the perceived cultural worth [of art and graphic design] over time…by placing Ed Fella’s and Geoff McFetridge’s design careers end to end to make one chronological line, one lineage.

Other than Yourself – An Investigation between Inner and Outer Space presents a range of works, mostly drawn from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary collection, that reference either the immediate space that surrounds or serves the artists’ actions and experimentation or the space that unfolds through the artwork itself.

Marcus Fearon, a promising young artist is launching his artistic career, with a series of upcoming exhibitions. He brings a unique touch to his 'One Blood' series by using the powerful medium of blood in an artistic exercise as a young black man speaking out about the knife and gun culture within the Black community. The series incorporates abstract paintings which comment on this potent issue.

Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Torin presents a sole Italian leg of an important retrospective traveling exhibition dedicated to François-Xavier Fabre (1766-1837), founder of the Montpellier museum. Possibly the most extensive presentation of the works of an artist who was greatly esteemed in his lifetime and who receives more and more appreciation in our days, as attested by the interest raised in neoclassical experts in the last thirty years, by the success of his works in the art market

EVO Gallery presents two installations by the pioneering video artist Steina. Born in Iceland, Steina immigrated to New York in 1965, and currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Trained as a concert violinist who performed with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, Steina weaves the language of musical composition with both digital and analog media. Her minimalist imagery, built up from audio-video signals and waveforms, emphasize the qualities of the electronic media employed, exploring the phenomenology of video. Chance, experimentation, and performance are also central to her creative practice.

Concepts of Love is an exhibition that pursues artistic discourses, productions and discussions thematising or – more precisely – thinking proactively the experience of „falling in love“ as a radical form of movement. With international artists Gerry Bibby, Bless, Keren Cytter, Ekkehard Ehlers, Stephan Geene, Frauke Gust, Judith Hopf, Francesca Lacatena, Henrik Olesen, Monika Rinck, de Rijke/de Rooij, Jörg Rode, Deborah Schamoni, Klaus Theweleit, Florian Zeyfang invited by Judith Hopf, Kathrin Jentjens and Anja Nathan-Dorn.

This summer the MCA presents the first solo show in Australia by Scottish painter Callum Innes, with a major exhibition from Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket Gallery. Curated by Fruitmarket Gallery Director, Fiona Bradley, Callum Innes: From Memory brings together a diverse selection of paintings which trace the development of this acclaimed British artist.


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